Nude portraits

“Body in Majesty”

This series of portraits naked constitute, Jean-Robert Franco, a world apart in a production that distills the most nostalgia for childhood, except that this is also to identify the emotion, the fragile of an existence.

A women who pose naked, two constraints are imposed: standing and watching the lens. For the rest, each is alone with itself, with the image she has of her and the image she wants to give to others.

The visitor will evolve as before a statues.qui gallery watching. “This is an exchange of early looks at the shooting. The people I photograph can be expected to be viewed by the visitor; but they themselves will be watched by women …

In these portraits, it is not the eye of the photographer that matters. What I suggest to my characters, it is precisely the idea of ​​this confrontation between self and self through the eyes of others assumed, and what I try to capture is this double emotion of fear and daring to show themselves. »

Bared his body, of his being; but also staged. These photos are so many questions about the illusion of life, the well never strict division between appearance and reality …

Martine Vantses